Uninterrupted 3 MEGA Volts-Ampere Dedicated Power Station


Everbright Sweater Limited is powered by one of the most powerful dedicated electricity connection & advanced substation in the country, using only the best & most reliable equipment assembled from around the world.
This Three Million Volts-Ampere Power Station is built with two transformers: 3MVA 33kV & 11Kv with OLTC, 33kV Current & Potential Transformer & ABS complete with VCB HT Switchgear, ACR, Protection & Control Panel, Earthing System, Outdoor SPC H-Pole, CT & PT metering, Power Factor Improvement Plant, Surge Protection & LPS.

Advanced Busbar Trunking System


To ensure utmost safety, efficiency & longitivity of our electrical equipment, we have used the very best busbar trunking systems throughout the factory instead of standard wiring to supply power from the 3 Mega Watt Substation to the MDB, power transfer to all floors & from the distribution boards to the production machines, air conditioning & SLED lighting channels.
All Busbar Trunking Systems are EAE Technology branded. The equipment is Fire Resistant as well as IEC, CE & TSE Certified for Safety & Efficiency.

Certified Electrical Equipment


The best & safest electrical equipment from ABB & Schneider have been used for all Electrical Distribution Board Equipment

SLED Lighting


ESL uses CE, RoHS certified SLED Lighting with 95%+ Efficacy; 50,000 hours lifetime; A+ Energy Rating as per EU Standard.
BMS Daylight Simulation reduces light pollution with Timer Controls & Occupancy Sensors.

Lightning Protection System (LPS)

Lightning Protection Systems are installed over every building inside the premises of ESL to ensure any lightning surcharge is disposed correctly.