Knitting – Packing (Current)

Gauge Capacity/month Capacity/year
3.5 – 7gg 165,000 sweaters 1,980,000 sweaters
7.5 – 14gg 337,125 sweaters  4,045,500 sweaters
Total 502,125 sweaters 6,025,500 sweaters
Factory Strengths
  • The Most Advanced sweater factory in Bangladesh
  • Designing & Manufacturing for Prominent Brands
  • 2 Fully Compliant Factory with Prestigious Certifications
  • Stunning Green Premises with LEED Gold Certified Unit 2
  • Export to 20+ Countries since 2004
  • Latest Automatic Machineries
  • Industrial Engineered Production
  • 100% Quality Assurance & Control
  • Capability to Manufacture any Flat Knitwear
  • Highly Skilled Experienced Employees
  • 24/7 Communication Support for Buyers
  • Competitive Pricing
  • Expert Fashion Design, R&D, Industrial Engineering, Merchandising, Lean Production, Commercial, Accounts, HR, Admin, Compliance, Sampling & Total Quality Management teams
  • 100% On-time Shipment
Product Categories All types of Flat Knit Garments including Sweaters, Cardigans, Pullovers, Dresses, Ponchos, Hoodies, Scarves, Leggings, Shorts, Beanies
Gauge Capability 3-14 gg
Size Capability All sizes for Women, Men, Boys, Girls & Infants
Knit Capability All types of Jersey, Intarsia, Jacquard, Pointelle, Argyle, Cable, Rice, Waffle, Tube, Shaker, Ottoman, Pattern, Rib
Factory Operations Winding – Automatic Knitting – Linking – Trimming – Mending – Washing – Accessories Attachment – Ironing – Sewing – Finishing – Packing
Production Lead Time 75-90 days for Local Yarn

90-120 days for Chinese yarn

MOQ 3000 sweaters per colour per style
Sampling Lead Time 7-14 days for local yarn

21-30 days for Chinese yarn

Sampling Capacity Fit + PP + Size Set samples: 30/day

R&D samples: 30/day

Major Export Countries Europe: United Kingdom, Republic of Ireland, Spain, France, Germany, Belgium, Poland, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland

America: United States, Canada, Mexico, Brazil

Oceania: Australia, New Zealand

Yarn Capability Everbright Sweater Limited is certified with Oekotex, GOTS, BCI, LEED Green Factory; hence is permitted to produce sweaters with these labels.

  • Cotton – Regular, GOTS, BCI, Organic, Recycled, Slub, Roving, Stone Washed, with Neps, Melange
  • Acrylic – Regular, Roving, Piece Dyed, Mohair Like, Cashmere Like, Cotton Like Melange, Popcorn, Smiling Cotton Like, Slub, Tube, with Neps
  • Viscose – Regular, Ecovera, FSC
  • Polyester – Regular, Feather, Chenille, Toothbrush
  • Nylon – Regular, Feather, Cat Feather
  • Wool – Regular, Marino
  • Cashmere
  • Alpaca

Mixed / Blended / Twisted Yarn Options:

  • Mossy (Blend of Acrylic, Polyester, Nylon, Spandex, Wool in varying percentages)
  • PBT (Viscose Polyester Nylon Blend)
  • Cotton with Acrylic / Polyester / Nylon
  • Acrylic with Wool / Nylon / Polyester
  • Viscose Nylon / Polyester

Almost all yarns can be twisted with Lurex

Accessories Capability Button, Zipper, PU Patch, Fabric Patch, Embroidery, Print, Sequence, Stone, Pearl, Pompom, Fleece
Payment Terms At sight LC or TT
Bank Southeast Bank Limited
Credit Rating A-
Advanced Multigauge Automatic Knitting Machines
Shimatronic CAD Program Machine

ESL Uses Shimatronic APEX Design System to create the knitting programs. The system supports everything from planning and design, colorways and realistic fabric simulation to 3D virtual sampling. It contributes to sustainability by eliminating waste from the fashion supply chain.

Semi-Auto High Speed Linking Machines
Automatic Winding Machines

Automatic Winding Machines are used to accurately wind & rewind the yarn so they pass through perfectly at knitting. Built in vacuums prohibits yarn dust contamination.

Automatic Cup Seamer & Master Overlock Machines
Overlock, Bertack, Sewing, Button & Flatlock Machines

Our sewing & special function attachments are of the most renowned & trusted Juki brand, helping us to complete these operations with excellent precision & quality.

Needle Detector Machine
Needle Bed Cleaning Machine

We use H2G Needlebed Washing Machine for ecological cleaning of to maximise the performance of the mechanics of our advanced automatic knitting machines.

Air Compressor
Generating Steam with Industry Leading Boilers

ESL uses 3 industry leading boilers:
 Two 1-ton Fulton Gas+Diesel boilers
 One 2-ton Youngjin Incineration Boiler (South Korea)
These boilers are backed by an online UPS for uninterrupted power supply & steam pressure for the irons & dryers.

The efficient Incineration boiler converts biofuel energy from wastage garments parts into high pressure steam to power irons & dryer. Steam & Gas flow meters is connected to the system to determine the efficiency of the boilers.

Fast High-Safety Cargo Lift
Central VRF Air-conditioning

Five floors of ESL’s LEED Certified Unit 2 holding the Automatic Knitting Machines are fully VRF air-conditioned.
The system is Energy Efficiency Certified with Smart Management & all CFC Free Equipment. It is geared with Digital Variable Multi (DVM) Outdoor Units, Fresh Air Exchangers, Energy Recovery Ventilators, Outdoor Air Filtration, Dual Digital Inverters, Dust Filters & Smart Temperature Control.

Building Management System (BMS)
Uninterrupted 3 MEGA Volts-Ampere Dedicated Power Station

Everbright Sweater Limited is powered by one of the most powerful dedicated electricity connection & advanced substation in the country, using only the best & most reliable equipment assembled from around the world.

This Three Million Volts-Ampere Power Station is built with two transformers: 3MVA 33kV & 11Kv with OLTC, 33kV Current & Potential Transformer & ABS complete with VCB HT Switchgear, ACR, Protection & Control Panel, Earthing System, Outdoor SPC H-Pole, CT & PT metering, Power Factor Improvement Plant, Surge Protection & LPS.

Advanced Busbar Trunking System
Online UPS Power Supply

All Automatic Knitting Machines, Boilers & Fire Alarm Systems are supported by floor-wise Online UPS to ensure that the power is uninterrupted & stable at all times.

Backup Power Generator
15000W Solar Panels Power Integration

ESL uses green solar power in its grid utilising photovoltaic cells from GSPV. We aim to expand our power generation from
renewable resources over the coming years.

Certified Electrical Equipment
Advanced Production Machineries List
S/N Machine Type Description Brand Origin Quantity
1 Automatic Knjtting Machines 3-14gg Shima Seiki (Primarily) Japan, China 600
2 CAD Program Machine Shimatronic Japan 3
3 High Speed Linking Machine 3-14gg Unimac China 417
4 Automatic Winding Machines 60 Spindles Zinya, Fangguiming China 4
5 Automatic Cup Seamer 12-14gg Exacta Italy 16
6 Master Overlock Machine 3-14gg Exacta Italy 6
7 Manual Linking Machine 3-14gg Running Tiger China 122
8 Overlock Machine 3-14gg Juki Japan 14
9 Bartek Machine Juki Japan 21
10 Sewing Machine Juki Japan 82
11 Button Hole Machine Juki Japan 11
12 Flatlock Machine Juki Japan 3
13 Button Stitch Machine Juki Japan 8
14 Washing M/C Tai Yat Taiwan 8
15 Hydro Extractor Tai Yat Taiwan 6
16 Dryer Tai Yat Taiwan 11
17 Iron with Vacuum Table Baijinlong China 102
18 Needle Detector Machine Hashima Japan 2
19 Dust Lifting Machine Local Bangladesh 4
20 Button Pull test Machine Local Bangladesh 1
21 Manual Winding Machine 8-12 Spindles Local Bangladesh 13
22 Part Opening Machine Local Bangladesh 9
23 Auto Placket Machine Local Bangladesh 18
24 Light Check Machine Local Bangladesh 40
25 Snap Button Machine Local Bangladesh 4
26 Label & Hanger Loop Cutter Local Bangladesh 4
  Total Production Machines       1529
Supporting Advanced Machineries List
1 Dedicated Power Station 3 Mega VA ABB, Siemens, Telemecanique, Nippon steel, Weidmann, Cooper Switzerland, Germany, France, Japan, USA 1
8 Solar Panel 15000 W GSPV Germany 1
3 Incineration Boiler 2 Tonnes Youngjin Bluetech South Korea 1
2 Gas Boiler 1 Ton Fullton USA 2
5 Generator 708 KW Cummins, Denyo, Perkins USA, UK 3
14 Online UPS 630 KW Vertiv, Emerson, Trisma, ABB USA, Japan, Switzerland 6 2 addition by 2021
10 Cargo Lift 4500kg KONE, DIAO Finland, China 2
4 Needle Bed Cleaner H2G Italy 1
16  Central VRF Airconditioning SAMSUNG, HITACHI, SANYO South Korea, Japan 5
15 Air Compressor 1420 L ELGI India 2
13 Electric Car Charging Station 32 A EVSE UK 1
6 PA System Bosch Germany 1
7 UL Fire Detection System Advanced, Simplex, Argus UK, USA, Italy 2
9 UL Listed Hydrant System Sffeco, Emaco UAE, USA 1

The entire production process is set out in line system.  The production in each floor is closely monitored with problems resolved by production managers, sectional in-charges & supervisors. Data is computed continuously against the targets in the manufacturing plan. Every ESL operator are experts in their fields, recruited on merit & trained to requirement.