Fashion Design: Research & Development

ESL Fashion Designers research & develop the stylings our buyers need with impeccable attention to details & requirement in regards to the trend, season, price target & instructions. We also create collections based on inspirations & commercial prospect integrated with options in fashion & choice of materials.

Design Development

Our Design Development team comprises of expert individuals who are responsible for setting the parameters required to convert a virtual design into reality. Modifications are made easy with the use of chart design software whilst the focus is on implementation of the styling merged with the techniques to achieve high quality. This department is responsible for ensuring the right garment construction & use of the right yarn & accessories needed for smooth production.

CAD Programming

Our expert Programmers use the latest CAD systems & software primarily Shimatronic to develop any pattern in accordance with the measurements provided by the designers to create the programs for our Automatic Knitting Machines.


Everbright Sweater Sample Section resembles a mini-factory developing new, fit, grading, sealer & pp samples as per buyer requirements with speed & accuracy

Merchandising & Buyer Communications

ESL is proud of its pro-efficient team of merchandisers who communicate with our buyers round the clock to ensure all orders are processed correctly & all requirements are fulfilled from sourcing the right yarn, other raw materials, optional processes (embroidery, sequence or print) as well as following up the design development, sampling, production & all other processes until shipment.

Total Quality Management

ESL is ISO9001 Certified, confirming that we have a proven Quality Management System (QMS) with the ability to consistently manufacture knitwear that meets customers & regulatory requirements. ESL’s Quality Inspection, Assurance & Audit team ensures that Quality Checks are performed before & after every operation by trained professionals every following strict guidelines. Quality Inspections are performed for Raw Materials, Inline, Pre-final & Final using AQL standards. Our customers trust our commitment to Quality & our skill level in shipping perfect goods. In fact, several of our customers trust our final inspection report & hence do not need 3rd party inspections.
ESL Quality Lab boasts specialist equipment to ensure the integrity of the garments. These include Button Pull Test Machine, Dark Room,

Industrial Engineering

Increasing Efficiency & Productivity whilst minimising the Cost without compromising Quality is the priority of ESL’s Industrial Engineering team. Engineers screen the time utilization for all operation to set achievement goals leading to timely shipments with the use of proven advance software & algorithms. The production of all machines & employees is monitored. The performances are reviewed & data accumulated for analysis & implementation of decisions for improvement of operation ensuring continuous Lean Manufacturing.

Lean Production

The entire production process is set out in line system. The production in each floor is closely monitored with problems resolved by production managers, sectional in-charges & supervisors. Data is computed continuously against the targets in the manufacturing plan. Every ESL operator are experts in their fields, recruited on merit & trained to requirement.

HR, Admin & Compliance

ESL has a very talented team of individuals specialising in Human Resource Management, Payroll, Welfare, IT, Accounting, Social & Environmental Compliance. The maintenance & continuous improvement of the compliant wellbeing of the company & all our employees are managed by this team.

Finance & Commercial Departments

Our Accounts & Commercial team serve from the Central City Office located in Banani dealing with the Financial. Banking, Procurement, TAX, Customs, Logistics, LC, Export & Import Documentation & Correspondence aspects of our business supporting the factories. We use accurate software based approach to analyse & manage our numbers ensuring a sustainable, efficient business model.